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I am a commercial real esate attorney with a creative bent, a sweet husband, a beautiful daughter, a troubled but devoted white cat, an extremely fuzzy homosexual orange cat, a wild quirky orange kitten (not so fuzzy), an extremely amorous greyhound and two quiet fish.

When I was young I wanted to be an attorney or an artist, ultimately I decided that I could be an attorney and be an artist on the side, but not an artist as an attorney on the side.

I love to cook, eat, read, run and listening to music. I love making things and have begun to sew and knit and continue a plethora of craft projects.

We spend alot of time outdoors by the pool. By day we watch our daughter swim and by night we turn on the pool light and drink my husband's homemade wine watching the bats flicker about.


cooking, eating, gardening, laughing, reading, crafting, learning to sew and knit.