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Sandrine (alias Didine!)

Absolutely funny !! I love thses cats ! and the real ones too !!! big hugs my dear !!!


Yes, I laughed out loud. Did you giggle while you were posting this?
"Oh my, Vidalia, he is so biggg"
made me scream...OMG.
Orange boys are my very favorites but Peep is on probation? By you,the felines or both? He's pretty cuuuute.
So, I'm not alone in my rant. Love that Deklurk pic.
Thanks for the giggle on this grey morning.


You are a crack-up Dixie!! cute kitties.


I love those kitties ( all of them ), you are so funny !
Thanks for the link too -more fun, there can never be too much fun.
: )


hello :)
The story in pictures cracks me up :)

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